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SUN. - 11 AM - 9 PM

MON. - THURS. 11 AM - 10 PM

FRI. - SAT. 11 AM - 11 PM


SUN. - THURS. 11 AM - 11 PM

FRI. - SAT 11 AM - 12 AM




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Tommy's Tavern + Tap, building in Sea Bright, New Jersey is a historic landmark that we are proud to have resurrected, to create a place for everyone to once again enjoy. Originally constructed in the late 1800's, our beautiful building was once connected to a hotel that was partially burned down when a fire started in the building next door. Despite the destruction, this building held strong and was taken down to two floors. Fast-forward to the most recent past - for a few decades our building was known as the iconic sea bright post office. Where the original structure was buried behind many layers of plaster walls and ceilings. In 2012, devastation hit our small town when Hurricane Sandy arrived - after a brutal beating our building once again stood strong, water damaged and abandoned; where the only alternative seemed to be to knock it down. 


In late 2014, Tommy and Yvette Bonfiglio on their daily morning walk stopped for the first time in a long time, and looked at this building; full of potential and strength; and a vision was born. Within weeks, the new owners had broken through layers of wall, with the intention to tear the building apart. Yet as they came to the very last layer, they realized they had found the original structure of the building from the late 1800’s; including original burn marks in the ceiling from the mass fire hundreds of years ago and strong, beautiful over one-hundred year old wood and brick. Today, the bare walls of our tavern are the original bricks, washed back to their natural beauty and exposed and our first floor ceiling is that same wood, sanded and brought back to life. The whiskey bar is made entirely out of recovered wood found within the building, exquisitely aged and restored to its natural beauty.



Tommy’s Tavern + Tap is a rustic, industrial tavern and restaurant built on the concept of having an authentic, enjoyable experience. “It’s a vibe”, is a phrase we hear the most, we are a place of enjoyment, innovation and energy. Tommy’s features thirty-four televisions throughout, including twelve that wrap around our main sports bar and with twenty-four rotating taps. An additional bar is the main attraction of our “whiskey room”, known as the whiskey bar. The whiskey bar is custom-made from reclaimed wood salvaged from within our historic building and features specialty whiskeys, beautiful water views and of course more taps. Along the riverside, the backyard area has cabanas for relaxation and enjoyment, corn-hole and a covered porch to enjoy outdoor dining all year round; all while over looking the Shrewsbury River. Tommy’s has three specialty kitchens; coal-fired pizza, tavern-style options, and sushi. The two bars hold an extensive selection of drink options, even holding seasonal whiskey, beer and wine menus. Tommy's has been announced as Monmouth County's #1 Sport's Bar, and Restaurant in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020, 2022

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"I grew up learning many old school values which have guided me my entire life...values like 'always work hard', 'never cut corners' , 'always do your best', and 'keep your word'. Today these values help guide our family owned business...and I passionately believe in passing along these values to my children and grandchildren."
we do not take reservations! all are welcome.

- Tommy

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